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Analog Clothing

Analog Clothing

Pushing Boundaries in Creativity and Technique
Once in a while you come across a clothing brand that defies tradition and carves its own path with innovative additions and techniques. Analog Clothing is one such respected fashion-forward brand that ‘gets’ the board sports communities’ apparel needs like no other. If you want your outerwear and apparel to reflect your skateboarding lifestyle, put Analog on your list. Up your style quotient and get the functionality, utility and comfort essential to your board sport adventures. Analog Clothing is for male athletes and just about anyone who values apparel that pushes creative boundaries and always stays ahead of the status quo.


Analog history
Targeted exclusively at male board sports pros, amateurs and enthusiasts, Analog Clothing traces its history back to 1998 when founders Trevor Andrew and Keir Dillon experimented with aBurtonoffshoot line. But they were destined for greater things, and in 2003, launched a high-fashion street wear brand – Analog- whilst adding skate and surf teams. Catering to the board sports culture, Analog Clothing has over the years established itself as a brand flaunted by the fashion-forward crowd.

Skate team
Analog’s skate team comprises some of the hottest stars from the board sports arena. This includes Thrasher magazine’s ‘2001 Skater of the Year’ and playable character in video games ‘Evolution Skateboarding’ and ‘Tony Hawk Ride’ Arto Saari, Stefan Janoski, Ryan Wilson, Dylan Rieder and Sammy Winter to name some. The company also sponsors well-known names from the surf and snowboarding circuits.

Cool and innovative collections
Analog Clothing’s ‘Design Unlikely Futures’ philosophy is apparent in the techniques and features the brand incorporates in its apparel and accessories. The company always manages to take its offerings to the next level, and comes out with fun and exciting street wear.

Wheel Wash
An Analog innovation is the wheel wash process. Here, stones used to traditionally break down and wash fabrics during the wet processing cycle, are replaced by skate wheels. The company claims that the skate wheels fade and soften the fabric better than stones, adding a cool and smooth hand feel to the clothing.

Analog Technical Fashion (ATF)
This collection adds thoughtful and stylish detailing to casual street wear, and makes it wearable for the more dressy night-outs. The line has technical and style features that keep snowboarders dry, keep out the stink out with anti-bacterial fabrics, and come with functional additions like zippered pockets to keep your wallet, keys and phone safe and dry.

Analog Clothing has an extensive line of outerwear, a variety of clothing and accessories like beanies, belts, hats, socks, towels and wallets. The brand basically provides A-Z clothing solutions for the urban and active skateboarding/snowboarding/surging male. From trunks that grab eyeballs and jackets that are instantly recognizable by their intricate detailing and fine cuts, to premium and slim cut tees incorporating a variety of colours and graphics, the line pretty much has it all. Analog Clothing also has a neat collection of denim wear in a host of colours to suit different tastes.

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