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Skateboard manufacturer Sector 9 is a subsidiary of the leading Australian clothing company Billabong International. First established in 1993 in La Jolle, California, Sector 9 has come a long way as one of the top skateboards manufacturers in the world. The company specializes in longboards for skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing. While Sector 9 longboards are popular among the youth and adults across the country, and the company’s focus is skateboarding, it has branched out to retail extreme sports apparel and accessories.

Headquartered in San Diego, Sector 9 was co-founded by Dave Klimkiewicz, Steve Lake and Dennis Telfer in 1993 before being acquired by Billabong International in 2008. There is an interesting story behind Sector 9’s birth. The idea to start manufacturing longboards came about when the co-founders (and friends) designed replacement boards after one their favourites was stolen, and the name ‘Sector 9′ seemed apt given that the La Jolle home they shared had a ping pong table, pool table, a shaping room and a half-pipe, or in other words, it was full of nineballs! The reference to their home as ‘Sector 9′ stuck, and became the inspiration for the company’s first skateboard company.

Skate team
Sector 9 has sponsorship deals with a number of male and female skateboarders. They include Tyler Martin, Jeremy Peckham, Shane Allen, Tibs Parise, Annie Sullivan and Evelyn Abad.

What makes Sector 9 longboards sought-after? There are many reasons for the strong take-up of skateboarding equipment from the American manufacturer. An important factor is quality. Designed at the company’s San Diego factory, the longboards boast high strength and lasting durability. Their solid construction and extra pop is great for both parks and rough terrain like hills and slopes. There is no substitute for well-made longboards, and Sector 9 ensures that your longboard serves you for a long time.

Craftsmanship is another reason why Sector 9 longboards figure on best buy lists. The skating machines are well craved and finely tuned to offer performance, safety and protection. Importantly, they are thoughtfully designed to match different needs. For instance, a good beginners’ longboard would be the entry-level Sector 9 Atom Pintail, a 49-inch beauty with a classic pintail shape to prevent any wheel bites when you carve your board high. If you will be indulging in slalom skateboarding, the Sector 9 Co-Pilot is a good option; it is also great for all-round street cruising.

Sector 9 longboards boast eye-catching designs that are unique from the standard prints and patterns you generally find on skateboarding products. A look at their product catalogue will give you an idea about the various style options you have. The Bob Marley Series, for instance, is not just for fans of the music legend who also happen to be skaters, but anyone who appreciates hand-crafted artistic flair. The Platinum Series comprises longboards with contemporary designs in a striking mix of shades. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another brand that offers the compelling variety of longboard graphics as Sector 9. You can also buy high-quality and attractive decks, trucks, wheels and other hardware from the company.

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