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Zoo York

Zoo York LogoCreatively Inspired Skateboards and Apparel
ZooYork takes a different approach to designing its skateboards, apparel and accessories. The company seeks inspiration from New York’s skateboarding and graffiti cultures to design and market its products to the board sports community and the wider consumer base.

A bit about the company’s history
The term ‘Zoo York’ refers to a social philosophy symbolizing New York’s creative underground that comprises talented skateboarders, graffiti artists, b-boys and creative entities that are the heart and soul of the social movements taking place on the city streets. From this creativity sprang what is now one of the best known skateboard equipment and apparel brands in the world – Zoo York.

Launched in 1993 by skateboarders Eli Gessner, Rodney Smith and Adam Schatz, the company emphasis was on creating skateboarding inspired lifestyle products. Starting with simple designs, Zoo York has evolved over the years to fuse styles and designs inspired by extreme sport, culture, and indeed NYC, to serve original and striking skateboarding products to amateurs, professionals and just about everyone.

The company’s skate team
ZooYork sponsors some of the hottest skaters on the circuit. These include pros like Zared Bassett, Brandon Westgate and Eli Reed, and amateurs such as Kevin Tierney, Travis Glover and Dave Willis.

Zoo York skateboards
Skateboards from the company are available in a variety of vibrant colors. They are solidly constructed and offer lasting durability. ZooYorkdecks are attractively priced, have a good feel to them and boast a thoughtful form factor that offers lots of support during the 360s and on shiftys. They combine lightness with durability – you don’t have to worry about the decks getting chipped after a few tries. Skateboarding products from the manufacturer work well for street skaters, box skaters and pretty much all kinds of skating enthusiasts.

Skateboards from the brand are available in a variety of vibrant colors. The company always keeps it exciting with unique and original logo board graphics. Longboards from the brand offer great cruising, neat graphics and loads of concave. Pro board designs featuring the names of skaters who are part of the company’s skate team, are popular.

Zoo York fashion
The company’s fashion wear is aimed at urban men and women who love and follow skateboarding culture. However, its clothing range is also flaunted by anyone looking for stylish and quality casual wear. The apparel and accessories are designed by skaters for skaters, and aim to give them the culture-specific look they want. Even if you are not part of the skateboarding community, the brand’s informal wear that includes both vintage-inspired pieces and urban-chic designs, can set you apart from the crowd. Exclusive men’s and women’s lines are available. If eye-catching and premium quality casual, sporty wear is what you seek, you cannot go wrong with Zoo York’s collections.

Whether you are looking for skateboards, tactical clothing, accessories or casual wear, Zoo York is one of the best brands you can invest in. Cool, care-free and edgy, products from the brand help you define your style and make a statement.

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