July 3rd 2012

12 year old lands the first ever 1080 on a skateboard

It takes a special kind of person to make three full revolutions in midair on a skateboard AND land it successfully. Many have tried over the years, many have failed. So for 12 year old Tom Schaar to pull it off on his fifth attempt, it must have many pro skateboarders ready to call it a day!

Having started skateboarding aged four, Schaar has been a regular at the enormous MegaRamp inTehachapi,California, for years and had previously landed a 900 turn on the ramp to many pundits disbelief. But on the 30th March, on his fifth attempt, Schaar wowed the world as the ramp propelled him 15 feet in the air, allowing him to realise his goal and add an extra 180 to his previous best, making it look effortless in the process.

“I’m pretty stoked, best day of my life!”, Schaar said after performing the trick.

Watch the video from Red Bull here:


  1. that is badass man it took me forever to land that keep skating young friend

  2. melvin

    super cool.

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